Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raya in Red

This is my first effort using redscale film.
Lessons learnt. Huhu!
Some of the pix were too blur.. maybe i forgot to turn on the new flash. And maybe the batteries were a bit loose as at the end of the day, it totally went off!

Film: Lomography Red Scale XR
ISO: 25-200
Process: normal


Friday, September 17, 2010

and i lurve them~ part III

Bulb mode

and i lurve them~ part II

The Office


and i lurve them~ part I

Finally!! I found the right lab for all my films~
I don't mind the traveling, the parking, or wateva as they developed the pics just like how i wished!
and i think this is my last batches of pictures with no flash~
yeah.. finally i got myself the Holga 160 mini color flash.. (^___^)v yeay!

Film: Lomography X-Pro
ISO: 200
Process: Cross-process

Near the house


Thursday, July 1, 2010


2nd visit to Urbanscape KL 2010.
The crowd, as usual.. lots of artsy fartsy people, weird fashion style (in the name of art, I guess).

Although i like the pictures taken, but I'm still wonder why does the sky looked cyan-ish when the sun is right above the head? Should I use different film? Different developer?
For indoor/shaded area, i know it's a big no-no at this time. (Wait till I get my flash gun~)

Film: Kodak EBX
ISO: 100
Process: cross process @ a Kodak lab i suspect as the lab owner that I went said she had to send the film to her sister's lab in Puchong as her machines broke down.